Got a Stinky Kid?

Don't sweat it. Kobi's here to help.

If your kid’s starting to smell more like an onion than a rose, you’ve come to the right place. B.O. can pop up at any age, and the more active your child is, the more likely it is that the funk will check your nose right into the boards. So whether your child’s in a competitive league or simply skating around the neighborhood, Kobi Sport Deodorant is sure to keep them fresh.

What makes Kobi Sport Deodorant the best choice?


Designed for heavy activity, our deodorant technology is activated by sweat. So even as the game heats up, Kobi keeps the odor on the bench.


Despite its effectiveness, our deodorant is very safe and gentle on the skin. No aluminum, parabens, artificial fragrance, or other nasty stuff.


Our liquid roll-on deodorant goes on clear and leaves no visible residue under the arms — or on shirts. Say bye bye to ugly stains!