Versatile Products for Full-Body Stink Relief

With scent options both boys and girls love.

Natural Deodorant

Use before activity to prevent armpit funk for up to 24 hours. Gentle, aluminum-free formula.

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4-in-1 Body Powder

Use before and during activity to stop chafing and control odor in other areas (e.g., thighs, chest, feet).

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Fresh Foot Spray

Use after activity to deodorize and soothe tired feet, and to prevent itching and athlete’s foot.

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100+ 5 Star Reviews!

Eza Pinheiro

We loved!!

1 month ago
Rachel Mackles

The only things I’ll buy for my kids. Smells great too and almost everything else gives my daughter a rash.

2 months ago
Ilse-Mari K.

My son loves the sent and he does not have BO anymore.

2 months ago

Great product! Works to get rid of the stink without an overpowering scent. Smells really nice and light.

3 months ago
A. Choy

I should give this 4-stars for marketing directly to boys. FWIW, my girls prefer not to smell like a floral bouquet and this mint fragrance is perfect. My double sport athletes have tried nearly every natural deodorant and this has been the only one to work after a full day of school and extra long, indoor practices. It’s a great deodorant whether you’re a boy or girl.

5 months ago
Brianna Davis

My 7-year old boy recently started having terrible BO. No matter how much I had him scrub and even going behind him and scrubbing his underarms nothing worked. This deodorant has been life changing. You'd think the scent would be weird but it actually isn't bad. I would recommend this to any parent who thinks their child needs some extra help with their odor.

5 months ago

What Makes Kobi the Best Choice?


Designed for heavy activity, our odor-fighting technology is activated by sweat. So even as the game heats up, Kobi keeps the odor on the bench.


Despite their effectiveness, our products are very safe and gentle on the skin. No aluminum, parabens, artificial fragrance, or other nasty stuff.


Our liquid roll-on deodorant goes on clear and leaves no visible residue under the arms — or on shirts. Say bye bye to ugly stains!

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Don’t Worry, We Didn’t Forget About Their Stinky Gear

Our Gear Therapy™ line deodorizes shoes and sports equipment.

Odor Eliminator Spray

Use in shoes, pads, helmets, and more to kill the bacteria and lift out stubborn odors.

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Odor Eliminator Pods

Use in shoes, gloves, and bags to trap the moisture and odor particles and stop the stink from returning.

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