4-in-1 Body Powder – Sunset Bloom (Girls)

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A talc-free, multi-use body and foot powder for sporty girls of all ages.

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  • 4 Big Benefits: Stops chafing, controls odor, absorbs moisture, and soothes skin.
  • Use on Body & Feet: Keeps young athletes dry and chafe-free, and stops feet from getting stinky!
  • Super Safe: All-natural, non-toxic formula with no talc, no artificial fragrance, no fake stuff.
  • Fresh, Amazing Scent: Grapefruit with hints of lavender and lemon.

Finally, A Powder Designed For Sports

Our 4-in-1 Body Powder is your young athlete’s new best friend. It’s been specially designed to be an all-in-one solution that:

  1. Stops chafing under the arms, on the inner thighs, or wherever uncomfortable rubbing happens
  2. Controls odor in funky areas, such as the feet (hey, armpits aren’t the only place that gets stinky!)
  3. Absorbs moisture to keep your child feeling fresh and dry
  4. Soothes chafed or irritated skin and protects it from further irritation

It’s a must-have for every young athlete’s sports bag!

Made In The USA

Kobi 4-in-1 Body Powder is made by us at our Chicago manufacturing facility. We use high-quality, nationally-sourced ingredients, and our product meets the strict Beyond Clean Beauty standards created by Whole Foods Market.

Naturally Safe & Effective

Many body powders on the market contain talc, which is now thought to be a cancer-causing ingredient. Our body powder contains NO talc, and instead uses safe ingredients such as kaolin and tapioca starch to provide that silky-smooth, talc-like feel.

Our body powder also contains NO baking soda, which can be highly irritating to skin due to its high pH level (this is also why we don’t use it in our Sport Deodorant). Instead, we rely on mild, skin-friendly zinc oxide and magnesium hydroxide to control body odor.

Mild, Light Fragrance

  • “Sunset Bloom” scent — grapefruit with hints of lavender and lemon
  • Only 100% pure essential oils used in very small quantities
  • Friendly for young athletes with fragrance sensitivity

Smart Packaging

  • Easy-to-use flip-open cap
  • Portable size makes it perfect to keep in sports bags
  • BPA-free, kid-safe plastic bottle
  • FDA compliant and 100% recyclable



Kaolin (White Clay), Tapioca Starch, Zinc Oxide, Magnesium Hydroxide, Allantoin, Citrus Paradisi (Grapefruit) Oil, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Citrus Limon (Lemon) Oil.

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  1. Great product! Works to get rid of the stink without an overpowering scent. The powder rubs in easily.

  2. I have several pairs boots I’ve been wearing this winter that just build up a smell quickly, unfortunately. I feel like this powder does a great job helping with that and it smells nice.

  3. My feet sweat all the time and have quite a strong odor. I ordered this hoping it could help tame not just my foot odor but also the odor in my poor shoes and slippers, and it does! What a wonderful product!

  4. My 11 year old does gymnastics 5 days a week and this body powder has been a great addition to helping her stay dry. She loves that she can use it anywhere on her body she needs it. I would say this is equivalent to baby powder but better ingredients and I love the fruity smell to help eliminate the smell of sweat. I would order this again for her.

  5. I hate wearing socks regardless of the cold winters. I have an expensive pair of boots that just make my feet sweat terribly and then my boots and feet smell like a dead animal. I love the boots and just continue to wear them and then have to wash my feet right away. This foot powder is truly what I needed! It doesn’t really have a scent- the sunset bloom had me nervous, it just smells clean. I sprinkle in my boots and then cover my feet with the powder, yes it is a mess, but all powder is a mess. It really helps, my feet barely sweat and now my family doesn’t hate when I take my shoes off!! I do have to apply it every time I wear it. I will be sprinkling in both my kids shoes to see if that helps their stinky feet too.

  6. The smell is nice and my daughter does really like it. I have noticed that it does help with body odor and chaffing when it is used. I do really like the product, but I wish there was an easy applicator included. We have used a makeup powder puff to apply the product in order to prevent a mess and unnecessary waste. It seems to do its job so I will be buying again in the future.

  7. This athletic powder smells great, and works very well. Love it, and would recommend.

  8. I smell the grapefruit more than anything and it is actually really refreshing and nice compared to having mint/tea tree all the time. Silkie and glides easily. If you sweat too much it does kind of clumps and cake but so does every powder I have ever used so can’t hold it against it

  9. I could smell this before I even opened up the package. It is a nice smell just a little stronger than I had imagined. My teenager likes it though and he said it works well. It stopped his chafing and even covered up his stinky shoe odor. I would prefer for it to come in a larger container but other than that, it’s fine.

  10. It’s a body and foot powder but the smell takes some getting used to, not pungent or anything just different and bold… Ordered for my little one who’s feet sweat so bad when she wears thin socks and after the first day I’m impressed. No wet socks no stinky feet definitely recommended for your little athlete.

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